Co-operatives Worldwide

Co-operatives are working in wide range of countries and continents across the world and this workshop will demonstrate how they work together for the benefit of all.

About the course:

This course has been designed to respond to the interest in the role that co-operatives play around the globe, both historically and today. Co-operatives were originally established as a practical way to help working people use self-help to improve their conditions. From the beginnings of the modern co-operative movement in Rochdale in 1844, what has united all forms of co-operatives and co-operators is an underlying set of values and principles. This global approach invites co-operators around the world to unite in a truly worldwide movement that includes over a billion members.

This course will take you on a journey through the history and development of the global co-operative movement. It will also examine the many forms that co-operatives take in different parts of the world, from Asia and Pacific, the Americas, Europe and Africa. Join us on a tour of exciting and diverse co-operatives, showcasing the amazing work of co‑operatives all over the globe!

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